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Just a Black guy with big glasses who types erratically into WordPress and yells at the world. Freelance critic and reporter.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review - Ground Punch

In a bold move for the family-friendly Nintendo, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild forgoes handholding in favor of emergent gameplay and player agency, placing Link in an open-world where discovery and mystery are pillars of the experience. While this move harkens back to the NES-era’s The Legend of Zelda and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, Breath of the Wild has far too many similarities to modern games to feel truly unique, as well as too many obtuse design decisions to be truly satisfying.

For Honor Review - Ground Punch

Knights, Samurai, and Vikings would have never met. Though existing in approximately the same period, because of boring geographical considerations, these three legendary warriors never had the opportunity to cross blades. Still, that didn’t prevent adolescent minds from pondering the age-old question: Who would win in a battle, Knights, Samurai, or Vikings? This debate pervaded middle school and elementary school history classes, intensified during recess and lunch periods, and exacerbated after school when every youngster acquired a stick to zealously impersonate their favorite faction. (Perhaps this is my own projection of what my formative years looked like, but I’d like to think every child had a similar upbringing.) Ubisoft must have been contemplating this infuriating and intoxicating question as well: For Honor seeks to find the answer, even if there’s no definitive answer and the answer you walk away with may disappoint or excite you.

Hands On: For Honor Beta Impressions - Ground Punch

For Honor — Ubisoft’s forthcoming action, hack-and-slash, multiplatform title — puts you in the armor of ancient, legendary warriors: Knights, Samurai, and Vikings. With several multiplayer betas between its original announcement nearly two years ago and its release in February — and me never getting into a single beta until the final one, thanks to a code provided by a fellow staff member — I’ve gotten the chance to get much needed hands-on experience with the game and its lauded “Art of Battle,” as pitched by the game’s director, Jason VandenBerghe. As the one in charge of the review, and with its imminent release, I want to briefly talk about what it does right and some of my concerns. So, let’s discuss honor in For Honor.

Playtonic Reveals Multiplayer Modes For Yooka-Laylee - Ground Punch

Remember the days when your friend could pick up the controller and play with you on the same system, in the same room? It seems Playtonic Games, composed of former Rare developers who had hands on Nintendo 64-era titles, is fond of those days, too, as the age of local co-op is yet behind us. Publisher Team17 announced today that the 3D character-platformer Yooka-Laylee, developed by Playtonic Games, will feature multiplayer in the form of mini arcade games found in Rextro’s Arcade. These eight multiplayer modes can be played in either single player for the top spot on the leaderboards or in local couch co-op with up to four players and will include modes such as arena-brawler Glaciators, kart-racer Kartos Karting, capture the flag-esque Blag the Flag, shoot-em-up Gun-let Run, and more.

Microsoft and PlatinumGames Split, Scalebound Canceled - Ground Punch

Scalebound has been scaled down as PlatinumGames and Microsoft Studios part ways. The Xbox One exclusive, pegged for a nebulous “2017” release, has been unceremoniously canceled on January 9. Xbox head Phil Spencer delivered an official statement on the decision, stating the team is “working hard to deliver an amazing lineup of games.”

PlayStation to Do Away with Live Events Viewer - Ground Punch

In an off-decision, Sony has decided to discontinue their Live Events Viewer app on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. In an email sent out to North American PSN users, the app will be terminated on January 10. If you are a PS4 owner, however, this isn’t too much of a problem, as you can simply purchase the app from the PlayStation Store if you so desperately need it. If you’re a PS3 owner, though, there is no replacement: Once the app is gone, it’s gone, and it doesn’t seem Sony has any plans to substitute it with another one for the decade old console.

Uncharted Film Gets A Script—Finally - Ground Punch

After years of setbacks and copious changes to both directors and writing teams, it seems the Uncharted film that was announced back in 2009 finally has a script. And it’s completed.

Nintendo Announces "Treehouse Live With Nintendo Switch" - Ground Punch

On January 5, Nintendo of America took to Twitter to announce an announcement: Friday, January 13 the company will broadcast a Treehouse Live event with the Nintendo Switch.

Steep Review - Ground Punch

Open-world games denote a sense of realism, an uncanny escapade of meandering through a seemingly living, breathing world. Non-playable characters populate these worlds and exist in them, acknowledging your actions in the world but ultimately continuing their digital, nonexistent lives; the world subsists with or without your tampering, creating the illusion that the world is alive. Ubisoft is notorious for its open-world games, developing projects that are not only open but overwhelmingly so — which, in certain instances, disregards the player’s time. Steep, an always online, open-world extreme winter sports game developed by Ubisoft, misses the mark on its path to an open-world game, but delivers the thrill of adrenaline whilst tearing down the slopes. Sometimes.

Mother Russia Bleeds Review - Ground Punch

Swelling civil unrest, compounded by persistent food shortages, erupted into open revolt, and the autocracy of Vladimir Lenin kickstarted the revolution, which didn’t end until the summer of 1923. This was a bloody period in Russian history, and French indie studio, Le Cartel Studio, accurately depicts the ghastly civil war with Mother Russia Bleeds.

Titanfall 2 Review - Ground Punch

And with Titanfall 2, the developer’s don’t-fix-what-ain’t-broke approach proves that an excellent concept needs only to be refined. Adding a dedicated campaign mode, titan classes, more customization options, and a better sense of ownership, Titanfall 2 feels like the game Respawn wanted to originally develop.

Mary + Jan: “Sn**chelorette” Review - Ground Punch

Episode three of Mary + Jane completely deters from the initial premise presented by its pilot episode. While writers Deborah Kaplan and Henry Elfont continue to service their leads well, the surrounding cast and situations are insipid and boring in comparison. This begs the question: What the hell going on in this show?

Mary + Jane "Girl On Gurl" Review - Ground Punch

With episode two of Mary + Jane, producers Deborah Kaplan, Henry Elfont, and Snoop Dogg are starting to hit their stride. The jokes are funnier, the strands (of weed) are stronger, and the two leads are still superb. However, the show still misses too many marks for it to be truly excellent, and while episode two is a better start for the series, it doesn’t do enough to balance the misfire that was episode one.

Mary + Jane "Pilot" Review - Ground Punch

With marijuana becoming legal in 25 states, and the conversation of its usage and purpose becoming more prominent in government legislation, it was only a matter of time before we got a weekly comedy show with the green leaf as its star. Of course, leave it to MTV to make this a reality with its original television series, Mary + Jane.

Jotun: Valhalla Edition Review - Ground Punch

Too often are incredible experiences only offered on PC. While they eventually make the jump to consoles, that’s not until months—if not years—later, segmenting the audience that may be interested in the title. Such is the case with Jotun.