Jeremy Winslow

Jeremy Winslow

College Survivalist Turned Writer.

Just a Black guy with big glasses who types erratically into WordPress and yells at the world. Freelance critic and reporter.

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‘I’m going to die’ - Essay

It was 2:14 a.m. and I was restless, flipping through YouTube, when I came across a video titled “Police Admit To Killing Innocent Black Man.”

How 'bout them lemons? - Drink Me

Wheel Lemonade owner Robert Cao’s motto is simple: “Wheel Lemonade. Real Ingredients.”

Carl Crump, president of Contagious Wheels - 15 Minutes

Meet the riders of Contagious Wheels, a Sacramento-based bike club, and their leader, Carl Crump.

Cheesy, meaty goodness - Eat Me

Meatloaf is one of those dishes that stands on its own; combine it with grilled, Parmesan-crusted sourdough, and you have a recipe for a certified food coma.

Game daze: Pokémon Go has stirred local headaches since debuting - News - Local Stories

Anatolia is quiet today, free of the hundreds of Pokémon Go fiends who clogged the Rancho Cordova suburb’s streets last month hunting a rare character: Dratini, which evolves into Dragonite, one of the strongest Pokémon in a popular game that has led to everything from fender benders to armed robberies in the Sacramento area.

Future’s so bright - In The Mix

To prep for its October grand opening, downtown city officials have scheduled myriad events near the Golden 1 Arena to build up hype. One such happening is Sacramento Sun Fest, a two-day festival that organizers have billed as “the largest outdoor solar power and energy festival” in the region.

Supercharged coffee - Drink Me

While physically impossible, I think Wholehearted Juice Co.’s Superhero ($10 plus a $1 bottle deposit) just got me closer to the stuff of comic book dreams.

Go off, get full - Scene & Heard

Sacramento has a prolific food truck history. Whether it’s Food Truck Mania or lunches parked outside of popular destinations, this city’s mobile food scene is both seen and heard.