Jeremy Winslow

Jeremy Winslow

College Survivalist Turned Writer.

Just a Black guy with big glasses who types erratically into WordPress and yells at the world. Freelance critic and reporter.

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In Little Nightmares, The Prey Becomes The Predator - Paste Games

Tarsier Studios’ Little Nightmares presents us with the third circle of Hell, wrapped into a Tim Burton-esque package comparable to PlayDead’s Limbo or Inside. In Little Nightmares, these nightmares are grotesque and terrifying.

Mr. Shifty's Power Fantasies Are Palpable But Fleeting - Paste Games

Though Mr. Shifty makes its influences unabashedly apparent, it blends the two so cleverly that is both tantalizing and addictive in a weird, perverse, lemme-punch-one-more-guy-out-the-window kind of way.The result feeds upon our instinctual desire for rabid, frenetic violence.

The Importance Of Marcus Holloway: How Watch Dogs 2 Disrupts Norms Of Black Characters In Games - Paste Games

We need more characters like Marcus Holloway. While not perfect, Ubisoft clearly sets the current standard in games for constructing dynamic, complex Black protagonists that challenge the medium’s preconceptions of Blacks, as well as more acutely representing the Black population.