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College Survivalist Turned Writer.

Just a Black guy with big glasses who types erratically into WordPress and yells at the world. Freelance critic and reporter.

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On Repeat Like A Broken Record – Tales of Berseria Review | We The Nerdy

Velvet Crowe, Berseria‘s scantily-clad-revenge-seeking protagonist, is as one-dimensional as protagonists come, and though Bandai Namco attempt to humanize her toward the latter third of the game, teen angst and heavy black eyeliner only goes so far before you start to wonder when she’ll ever grow the hell up. (Thank God most of us have grown out of this phase. Most of us.)

An Analog Trip – Small Radios Big Televisions Review | We The Nerdy

Fire Face Corporation understands the teetering of emotions captive elicits and crafts a beautifully mesmerizing game about the oscillation between the analog and the digital; however, Small Radios Big Televisions is both compelling and disappointing in the same breadth, and this dissonance is palpable throughout its short runtime.

The Bases Are Loaded – Fences Review | We The Nerdy

Denzel Washington captures that grit, that raw emotion of a play perfectly in his rendition of August Wilson’s Fences, even if the film still feels like a play.

A Hollow Fragment Of Its Source Material – Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Review | We The Nerdy

While tantalizing as a thought, the anime began to drag, and the games continued to reinforce the same narrative told in season one of the anime, never bold enough to venture to new territory. Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization, unfortunately, is just that: a hollow fragment of an otherwise excellent series that needs to be more daring in its idea. (A criticism of both the anime and the myriad of games to come out.)

It Feels Like Spiderman, But It’s Not Spiderman – Attack On Titan Review | We The Nerdy

With games like One Piece: Burning Blood, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, Sword Art Online: Lost Song, and the more recent A.W. Phoenix Festa, the anime-to-game zeitgeist is in full swing.

‘The Concessionaires Must Die’ Characterizes People We Hate the Most, The Concessionaires | We The Nerdy

When we get to the movies to watch the latest film released on the big screen, we usually rush to the concession stand. Hopeful to get there early so we may land a good seat in the auditorium, we are greeted by exceedingly long-lines—sometimes,

The Dead Should Stay Dead - Jeruzalem Review | We The Nerdy

Technology is ingrained in our culture. From the time you blink sleep out of your eyes to the moment you rest your tired soul for the day—and just about every second in between—technology is the focal point of our existence. In a way, we orbit around technology, a gravitational pull rotating us around our devices. While I’m clickity-clackiting away, typing this review on my MacBook, you’re probably reading this on your iPhone or Galaxy.

The [Amazing] Civil War Trailer | We The Nerdy

Let me put this out there: I have no comic book knowledge. (That’s a lie, dude.)

Okay, okay, I have some comic book knowledge. (Come on, Jeremy, stop lying to these kind folks reading your crappy article.)

Fine! Yes, I have comic book knowledge. (You know this is irrelevant, right?)

The Throes of War, and The Inevitability of Collapse – The Banner Saga Review | We The Nerdy

Developer: Stoic Publisher: Versus Evil Release Date: January 14th, 2014 (computer and mobile) | January 12th, 2016 (console) Platforms: Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One (reviewed) My caravan trekked acrosRead More......

On Loving Unconditionally (and Dying of Boredom/Verbosity) – We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves Review | We The Nerdy

The Cooke family is the archetypal dysfunctional family: a father, a mother, and three children—one boy, one so-average girl, and one not-so-average girl. The father becomes a drunk, the mother becomes a recluse, the boy becomes a felon, the so-average girl becomes a calculated talker, and the not-so-average girl inexplicably vanishes.

The Harsh Reality of Learning to Accept One’s Age - Master of None Review | We The Nerdy

Master of None is an excellent character study, meticulously examining the life of a 30-something year old brutally transitioning from the endless possibilities of one’s 20s to the straight-and-narrow of one’s 30s.

The Disappointment of the Latest Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer | We The Nerdy

Well, the “full” trailer has released, and… I’m disappointed.

Creed movie poster article article

Living Outside A Shadow, but Stuck in the Past – Creed Review | We The Nerdy

Directed by: Ryan Coogler  Written by: Ryan Coogler and Aaron Covington Starring: Michael B.Read More......

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Capturing the Art, but Losing the Soul – Sword Art Online: Lost Song Review | We The Nerdy

Developed By: Artdink Published By: Bandai Namco Games Release Date: November 17th (North America) Platforms: PlayStation 4 (Reviewed), Playstation 3, PlayStation Vita Price: $60 Some time earlier this year, I was on Twitter.Read More......

Batman v superman dawn justice post1 article

To See or Not To See (Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice) | We The Nerdy

That is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer The pains and frustrations of outrageous lines Or to take arms against a sea of people, And by opposing watch the film on opening day...Read More......